Technology & Laptops


Laptop Lease Program: Groups VII-XII



  • Students in Groups VII-XII are automatically enrolled in our Apple laptop lease program. An annual fee (as noted in your enrollment contract) is charged to your school billing account.
  • New students in Groups VIII-XII will be assigned laptops at orientation. 
  • All students in Group VII will be assigned laptops after the start of school.
  • All students in Groups V-VI will be assigned Chromebooks, which they use during the day, but do not take home.


  • All students in Groups V-XII are provided with a GA email & access to school networks.
  • All students in Groups VII-XII are expected to bring their school laptops to all academic classes.
    Repairs are managed on campus. There is a deductible that applies to loss, theft, or physical damage not covered by AppleCare.
  • Any issues with laptops or campus technology should be reported to the tech department, which may issue loaner laptops while repairs are being made.
  • Appropriate use of laptops and all campus technology is clearly spelled out in GA’s acceptable use policy, printed in the Student Handbook (login required).


  • Students with problems can email the tech department at, or visit the tech office, located in the Upper School library.
  • Tech office hours are Mon-Fri 8:00 AM-4:00 PM. Many repairs can be made on site.
  • Since laptops are covered by AppleCare, they can also be taken to any Apple Store should problems arise during vacations or weekends. However, it is advisable to notify the tech office of issues before resorting to the Apple Store.