MS Policy Reminders

These reminders are excerpted from the Student Handbook.

When a student misses school due to illness, her parent/guardian should call the Middle School Office to report the absence. Homework assignments and in-class handouts are posted online through Canvas, which your daughter(s) can access from home. Students can also call a classmate to see if textbooks or other materials need to be picked up from school.

When a student has a planned absence, she and her parent/guardian must fill out the top portion of the Planned Absence form and submit it to the Head of Middle School at least one week prior to the absence. Once the form is approved, the student must get the form
signed by all of her academic teachers. All assignments and assessments will be rescheduled according to each teacher’s discretion. The Planned Absence form is available online and in the Middle School Office.

Early Dismissal
Any student leaving campus for an appointment must submit a signed, written request from a parent/guardian to the Middle School office when arriving in the morning. When leaving campus during the school day, the student must sign out in the Middle School office and sign in upon her return. Group V and VI students leaving during the school day must be picked up by a parent/guardian from the Middle School office. Group VII and VIII students leaving campus during the day may walk on their own to the Upper School Circle for their pickup.

When a student feels sick during the school day, she first should inform her teacher and then report to the nurse. If the nurse determines that the student needs to go home, she will contact the parent/guardian to arrange pickup. Students are not allowed to call home to make their own pickup arrangements.

Messages for Students
Parents/guardians should confirm all pickup arrangements with their daughter before the start of the school day. Parents/guardians should not call the school with messages for students unless there is an urgent need. Messages can be sent to Group VII or VIII students via email since these girls have access to their laptops throughout the day.

Students are expected to arrive at school on time every morning. Students are marked tardy if they are not in their advisory location by 7:45 AM. When a student is tardy three times in a trimester, she will receive an infraction.

If a student must stay after 3:30 PM on Monday through Thursday, she will attend Middle School Homework Hall

Please remember to label all of your daughter’s school clothing.