Social Media Policy

Greenwich Academy uses social media channels, primarily Facebook and Instagram, to informally but meaningfully engage with our current parents, alumnae, past parents, grandparents, prospective parents, and the broader Greenwich community. Mindful of the institutional position that we communicate to parents vis-à-vis social media—delay, limit usage, less is best—we follow our own advice and focus on sharing mission-aligned programmatic news and achievements that affirm our position as an exceptional independent girls school. Leading by example, we do not seek to engage current students on social media.

Our goals are:

  • To create and foster a sense of connection between our school and our various constituents
  • To capture and convey the warmth and school spirit that make GA a unique, welcoming community

For GA, all official public expression serves one purpose: To amplify the tremendous, exciting, sometimes just plain fun work and experiences that occur every day on our campus. Social media is simply one more way to do that. For this reason, GA does not:

  • Use social media as the primary channel for communicating important or sensitive information to our community
  • Participate in conversations in the broader social media landscape or engage in online conversations