Senior Spotlight on Varsity A Lacrosse

While they already had great coverage in the Greenwich Time, the seniors on this year’s varsity A lacrosse team deserve some more press! Truly this group is an Elite Eight! Led by captains Tessa B. and Taylor L., the team was poised to play their best with their most demanding schedule to date. Brooks shared that what she was most looking forward to was “...continuing the bonds formed with teammates from previous years as well as form new bonds with people new to the team.” Additionally, what she has learned from being on this team is “selflessness, the ability to put the team first, the importance of setting goals, strength in vulnerability.” Tessa has also personified her her favorite quote: "hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard." Taylor is grateful for all that she has learned being on the team and for the leadership from coaches Melissa Anderson and Katie Johnson. Binney H., a squash captain this winter, would give the following advice to younger players on the team, “’s easy to put a lot of pressure on yourself and overthink how you should be performing. I would say to try your best to stay away from those thoughts and instead of putting that pressure on yourself, lean on your teammates and coaches because everyone should be working as one out on the field.” Some expert advice! Classmate Eliza B. gave the following tips to the team’s newcomers “...never take a single moment for granted. Thinking about every minute of defensive footwork, competitive box, or freezing practice, there’s nowhere I’d rather be right now than on the turf doing just that.” Between the pipes goalkeeper Cate S. was “...extremely saddened by the circumstances we have found our season in” but is so thankful for  her experience on GA lacrosse,  “not a moment playing the game, not in goal, not after a win, but with the team, just happy to be together.” Unquestionably, Kayla T. Grace. S., Katie G. were looking to have their best season yet having seen such strong potential after playing in an indoor tournament this past winter in PA. The team has maintained connection over Zoom and, stayed fit for a cause running a total of 1,864 miles while participating in Yards for Yeardley. While we will all regret not seeing this group compete this spring, their athletic careers are not over as they are all going to compete collegiately -- Tessa and Katie will play lacrosse at Georgetown, Eliza at Johns Hopkins, Kayla at Notre Dame and Taylor at Yale. Binney will take her squash skills to Harvard and Grace will tear it up on the field hockey field at Princeton. They will, however, always be GAtors!