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Nicole Pozzi '09 says she always knew she wanted to go to law school, but she didn't have a clear vision of what she wanted to practice. A combination of professional experiences and managing a chronic health condition helped to guide her decisions, landing her at ED Ellen DeGeneres, the celeb's brand and lifestyle company, where Nicole serves as Director of Business Development and Licensing.
Making your passion your life's work is just a dream for many of us, but Olivia Santoro '09 is doing just that. As the Founder and Executive Director of Mission Critical, a nonprofit dedicated to raising funds for veterans and service personnel who have been injured or wounded in combat, Olivia is using her business acumen to make a difference.
Feeling stuck in your career and not sure how to move forward? Have an idea you want to develop but just don't know how? Maybe you need to get out of your own way. Stephanie Staidle '98 believes that we already have the tools we need to reach our goals. She practices what she preaches as founder of The Right Brain Entrepreneur, a consulting and coaching firm that works with individuals and companies to help them tap into their right brain—their creativity.
A career in medicine was always on Carine Bonnist '02's mind, but it was her love of music that helped to crystallize the idea. Carine was a junior at the University of North Carolina when she visited the children's oncology ward at the UNC Hospital to sing holiday carols to the patients. She says it was then that she knew she had to become a doctor.
It's probably fair to say that Kim Tamalonis '91 was born to be an artist. Daughter of long-time and much beloved GA art teacher Sherry Tamalonis, Kim says her earliest memories are of working next to her mom at the kitchen table, making art. Indeed, her mom inspired her to pursue to her passion and become an artist, and art teacher. But Kim is inspired by many things, most recently by the refugee crisis and the refugees that have resettled in our area. Kim wasted no time jumping in and finding a way to help.
Kristin Johnson '86 is nothing if not passionate. Spend a few minutes speaking to her about any of her favorite things- her GA experience, her booming business with Arbonne, and her three kids- and you'll be drawn right in. Quick to credit Greenwich Academy with providing her with the tools she needed to be successful as a student and beyond...
Lindley Tilghman Pless '95 is a self-proclaimed dabbler with passions spanning disciplines. This blogger, entrepreneur, videographer, and mom will be the first to tell you she's still learning how to juggle it all but from the looks of it she's doing something right. Lindley is now running a successful lifestyle blog where she talks about anything and everything- her favorite recipes, parenting challenges, local businesses, travel, and her own hopes and aspirations.
Finding a roommate can be tough at the best of times. When you're in a hurry to fill a room in your New York City apartment or find a great setup in a new city, the need to find someone quickly can often override the desire to find the right person. That's where The Room Ring, a new startup that hooks into users' social networks to help them find roommates, comes in. Co-founded by alumna Josie Hubschman '07 and launched just this month in New York and San Francisco, The Room Ring's slogan is "Find Roommates, Not Strangers."
Pursuing a career in the performing arts is something many dream of, but the uncertainty of the theater world can be a daunting deterrent. For Leslie Santiana '04, however, it was never a choice. She knew she had to pursue that passion.
In May of this year, Catherine Polisi Jones '95 launched her own Greenwich-based strategic communications firm, aptly named Polisi Jones, and business is booming. But it was a long road from where she started—thinking that she wanted to be a corporate lawyer—to where she is now.
Courtney Maum '97 has always had a way with words. During her time at GA she served as co-editor of Daedalus and frequently submitted her work to literary magazines. While a student at Brown University, Courtney worked as a reporter for the Providence Phoenix, and in her professional life, she has worked as a copywriter, columnist, and corporate namer. After college, she explains, "I got into copywriting by writing the catalogs for Victoria's Secret." She kept her creative juices flowing by writing for fun outside of the office. "When I had a decent body of work under me, I started submitting short fiction to literary magazines again, attending writers' conferences, and going out of my way to make writer friends," she says.
You might not know it, but you've definitely seen- or at least heard of- a movie or TV show that was written by Kayla Alpert '87. Among her many accomplishments, the successful screenwriter was a staff writer for the hit show Ally McBeal and was the screenwriter for the blockbuster Confessions of a Shopaholic. Kayla always had an interest in writing, but it took time and patience before her career took off. "I studied creative writing in college, and spent my summers writing a travel guide and working as a stringer for the Associated Press, so I knew that I wanted to be a writer in some capacity," she says. "Once I graduated, I realized I was more interested in fiction so I moved out to Los Angeles to pursue screenwriting. My first job was being a receptionist at a major movie studio, but I kept accidentally hanging up on people, including several movie stars--so I was fired after three days. I went on to work as an assistant in a production company for about a year or so and wrote 'spec' (speculative) scripts in my off-time."
Like all of us, Kara Nelson Baekey '90 was moved to tears on December 14, 2012 when news of the Sandy Hook school shooting began to unfold. It seemed that it would be just another day at the office as Kara began her routine, checking email and voicemail while sipping coffee in her New York City office. Before long she learned of what was happening in Newtown and she started following the news.
"Remember to keep learning about yourself, and what you do better than most, and be willing to master those gifts," says Joan O'Sullivan Wright '74. Joan - a leadership coach, organizational consultant, entrepreneur, activist and author – has done just that, and it has certainly paid off. She recently published her first book, UP: Pursuing Significance in Leadership and Life, and in the same year traveled to Tanzania to climb the treacherous Mt. Kilimanjaro as part of a charity fundraising expedition.
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