Sports Medicine

Greenwich Academy has a full-time athletic trainer (ATC) who is certified by the National Athletic Trainers Association.  The athletic trainer’s primary responsibilities are:

  • Injury prevention
  • Recognition and evaluation of injuries
  • Management and treatment of injuries
  • Rehabilitation of injuries
  • Managing return-to-play protocols
  • Evaluating conditions to ensure student-athlete safety.

Concussion Management

  • All girls take the ImPACT test every two years to set a baseline.  This test is facilitated by the athletic trainer or school nurse
  • Any student diagnosed with a concussion must be symptom free for ten days before she can begin the return-to-play process beginning with retaking the ImPACT test
  • If a physician makes the diagnosis, they must clear the student for return to play 
  • The gradual return-to-play process is monitored by the athletic trainer
  • The athletic trainer coordinates with the Deans’ office with regard to academic progress of a concussed student

The athletic trainer monitors weather to ensure the safety of student-athletes and spectators. 

  • If the weather indicates a chance of lightning, the athletic trainer has a SkyScan device to detect lightning in the area.  
  • GA also has a heat/cold policy implemented by the ATC.  Depending on the conditions, student-athletes exposure to the elements may be restricted and water breaks enforced.

Training Room
GA has a well-equipped training room that has foam rollers, Thera-Bands, hot/cold whirlpool, heating pads, and ultrasound and electronic stim machines, all of which may be used when rehabilitating an injury. All students must sign in before receiving treatment.

Greenwich Academy 200 North Maple Avenue Greenwich, CT 06830 203.625.8900
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