Global Initiatives

Greenwich Academy is dedicated to promoting global awareness on an economic, cultural, and political level among all its students. Beginning in Lower School and continuing through Group XII, GA girls are given opportunities to explore and gain a deeper appreciation for the breadth of the human experience. Our goal is to graduate young women who can be leaders and active citizens in a global community.

Global Scholars
The Global Scholars Program was launched in spring 2010 with the goal of preparing students to be active and engaged members of an increasingly global community. The program offers Upper School students an interdisciplinary approach to their education and requires, among other things, international travel and project-based scholarship. We seek to teach students skills in problem solving, communication, analytical thinking, collaboration, adaptability, and inclusion. Students apply to the program in their Group X year. Successful completion of the Global Scholars Program requires well-rounded course selection, the design of a digital portfolio, at least two weeks of study or project work outside of the United States, and a capstone project to be completed during the student’s senior year.

International Exchanges
Greenwich Academy supports and encourages students to explore the world throughout the year. International exchange programs are offered to France, Spain, New Zealand, and Argentina. The exchange programs provide students with the opportunity to participate in home stays, experience an immersive environment, and gain global competency through travel and hosting.

Semester Programs
Greenwich Academy supports a variety of off-campus programs that give students the opportunity to discover new cultures and engage in site-specific study. By providing a unique opportunity to enhance and enrich the high school experience, students develop confidence and independence in alternative academic settings. Options include domestic and international experiences during the year, each of which offers intense academics, consistent with the GA curriculum. Freshmen or sophomores interested in a semester program are encouraged to begin the process a full year ahead of their intended departure date.

Greenwich Academy is a member of the Global Online Academy (GOA), a consortium of the world’s leading independent schools; together, these schools offer rigorous online courses designed with a focus on academic rigor, collaboration, innovation, and development of key 21st century learning skills. By becoming members, schools expand their course offering and students have a unique opportunity to take classes with students from across the country and around the world, connecting them with new ideas and fostering a truly global perspective. Students may enroll in a GOA course as part of the regular GA course registration process.

Sample course offerings include:

  • Applying Philosophy to Modern Global Issues
  • Comparative Politics
  • Game Theory
  • iOS App Design
  • Music Theory & Digital Composition
  • Digital Journalism
  • Neuropsychology
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