Alumnae in the Know



  • Annual Giving is a yearly fundraising effort to support GA’s operating expenses not covered by tuition.  These uncovered expenses are referred to as the gap.
  • The Annual Fund fills 9% of the gap, or $3,900 per student.
  • Approximately 80 girls graduate from GA each year; therefore, we need 80 new alumnae gifts each year just to maintain, not increase our participation from the previous year.
  • To reach the goal of 35% alumnae participation in the Annual Fund requires gifts from 945 alumnae. It only takes 27 people to move up one percentage point—every gift counts—Thank you.


  • Tuition ranges from $34,900 for Pre-Connecting Class to $39,000 for senior year.
  • There are 800 students at GA—324 in the Upper School, 255 in Middle and 221 in Lower School.
  • GA offers a shuttle service to and from the Greenwich train station to accommodate students and faculty who live out of the area


  • GA students come from a broad geographical area: 67% from Greenwich, 23% from other CT towns and 10% from NY, extending from as far as Stratford, CT to Bronx, NY.
  • 25% of the student body is diverse, with 197 students of color. This is an increase from 23% five years ago.


  • 21% or 169 students receive financial aid, 12% need-based and 9% tuition remission.
  • GA’s financial aid budget covers fees beyond tuition, such as books, supplies, computers, school and sports trips, tutoring and test prep, music lessons, transportation and summer programs.


  • 74% of GA faculty have advanced degrees, many of which were sponsored by GA.
  • 16% of faculty are people of color.
  • Housing for faculty encompasses 40 units in 18 buildings, serving 44 employees. Having faculty live close to campus enables them to be involved in campus life beyond the classroom.


  • There are over 700 laptops on campus. The laptop program, which integrates laptop use curriculum wide, begins in Group VII.


  • New initiatives include global awareness and service learning to promote greater knowledge of countries and cultures beyond our own and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) to prepare GA graduates for careers in these fields that are traditionally underrepresented by women.


  • GA’s Middle School received LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification as a high performance sustainable building. There is an all-school effort to integrate “green” practices into daily life.


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