Greenwich Academy is firmly committed to academic technology, believing that computer skills and the discipline to use them appropriately are of the utmost importance in modern life as our charges join the larger community of digital citizens.

Greenwich Academy’s academic technology program provides faculty and students with the tools and training to take full advantage of the latest information and educational resources that current technology affords. Students at all levels have access to computers and training in productivity applications, typing, drawing, multi-media, and online research.

Applying Technology
Technology classes offered in the Lower and Middle Schools emphasize technical skills and knowledge of specific applications for word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, database management, and multi-media production. Critically, Greenwich Academy places a strong emphasis on developing appropriate behavior and responsibilities for computer usage. In the Upper School, laptops are used extensively for research, graphic arts, music and video production, presentations, language studies, and curricular collaboration in every department. Programming classes are continuously evaluated for integration into the curriculum.

With technology ever changing, Greenwich Academy looks to create and maintain an environment governed by safe practices. Faculty and staff receive ongoing training in all aspects of computer technology, and are encouraged to seek ongoing professional development in their areas of interest. Students are encouraged to develop sound computing practices, such as backing up their work, practicing efficient file management, and maintaining their laptops in good condition, as well as using the Internet judiciously.

Campus internet, phone and data is provided by a robust wireless and ethernet network. File servers and email services are designed to streamline communication. Each student, starting in Group V, receives a Greenwich Academy email account. The campus network is protected by a firewall and content filtering. The faculty and administrative staff make decisions regarding filtered content.

Current resources include:

  • Girls in PC through Group VI have easy computer access.
  • Groups VII-XII enjoy the benefits of a one-to-one laptop program.
  • Each division has access to iPad carts and a computer laboratory.
  • Classrooms have video and other presentation media as driven by curriculum needs.
  • Design and Engineering Lab houses a 3D printer, a CNC machine, and robotics.

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