Coordination Program

Since 1971, Greenwich Academy and Brunswick School (all boys) have maintained a coordinated Upper School relationship that brings our students together for both scholarship and camaraderie. GA’s small school environment ensures that every girl is known and cared for; at the same time, our partnership with Brunswick allows our students to benefit from a selection of courses and extracurricular opportunities that would more typically be found in a larger school.

How it works:

  • The Path: A well-traveled path that crosses Patterson Avenue links our two campuses. Students have 10 minutes between classes, which takes into account the time needed to make the trip between GA and Brunswick.
  • Course Selection: Coordination looks at Greenwich Academy and Brunswick academically “as one.” Students select classes from one catalog, and with the exception of math, computer science, and 9th grade English, all classes are co-ed.
  • Schedule: Both schools maintain the same academic calendar and daily schedule. School starts at 7:45 AM at each school with morning advisory. Co-ed classes begin at 8:10 AM.
  • Maintaining the Benefits of an All-Girls School: Advisories, assemblies, and student government remain single sex.
  • Peer Advisory Program: Each year, 18 senior girls and 18 senior boys are selected to lead freshman orientation. Freshmen meet their peer leaders—a boy and girl from each school—on Orientation Day. Peer leaders help make the students feel welcome, and offer each of them a trustworthy friend in the senior class. Groups meet weekly through the fall for discussion and activities.

Beyond the Classroom: The benefits of Coordination extend far beyond the classroom, and even beyond the Upper School.

  • Athletics: Student-athletes on the crew, swimming and diving, cross country, sailing, and ski teams practice and compete together.
  • Arts: GA and Brunswick host a joint arts assembly each fall to celebrate the works of the schools’ visual and performing artists. The schools also produce two co-ed plays and two co-ed musicals each year. The casts of these productions are enthusiastically supported by the greater GA and Brunswick communities.
  • Extracurricular activities and clubs: Students clubs such as the GSA, Outdoors Club, and Drama Club span both campuses.
  • Shared reading: Upper School students from both schools are assigned the same summer reading. In the fall, the book is discussed in classrooms and followed-up with a visit from the book’s author. Previous summer reads have included Colson Whitehead’s The Underground Railroad and Emily St. John Mandel’s Station 11.
  • Alumnae: Long after graduation, GA alumnae maintain their friendships with their GA and Brunswick peers. Each year, we host several joint alumni events including a holiday party which draws more than 250 attendees.
  • Middle School: In 5th and 6th grades, students are invited to participate in Mayfair (Barclay classes) together. In 7th and 8th grade, both schools host social events such as dances and skating nights. A highlight of the 7th and 8th grade years is the joint musical that is produced in the fall.

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