Lower School Associate Teacher Program

Begun in 1988, the Lower School Associate Teacher Program at Greenwich Academy is a model for independent schools across the country. The two-year program offers associate teachers individualized attention and rigorous training in the elementary classrooms at the school. Associate teachers complete the program while earning a graduate degree in education at nearby universities like Bank Street College of Education and Manhattanville College.

Associate Teachers at GA are welcomed into a collegial, supportive environment. They work closely with seasoned mentor teachers and the program director to prepare and teach lessons in the various disciplines as well as to support and manage their students’ academic, emotional and social wellbeing. AT's are full participants in the classroom experience as well as in the day-to-day life of the school. Some AT's supplement their experience with the addition of coaching, running an after-school club or tutoring.

The program offers an array of professional development opportunities in the form of weekly seminars, informal and formal observations, school visits, and in-house presentations on topics like classroom management, student record-keeping and parent conferences. At the completion of the program, most GA Associate Teachers become head teachers in classrooms of their own at independent schools across the nation.


Will I get practical experience as a teacher?

Absolutely. You will work closely with your head teacher and eventually will be responsible for planning lessons, teaching classes, working with small groups—all of the responsibilities of a teacher. You will be mentored and supported in all of these endeavors.

What age are the students I'll be teaching?

In your two years at Greenwich Academy, you will have the opportunity to work with two different grade levels. Most associate teachers are able to spend a year with students at the younger end of the elementary school spectrum and a year with our older lower school students.

What subjects will I be teaching?

You will gain experience teaching most Lower School subjects, with a particular focus on literacy.

Is the graduate school component a requirement of the program?

We have found that our associate teachers have the best experience when they combine the practical training of their work at GA with the theoretical learning that takes place in graduate school. All AT's are required to complete some graduate course work, at least one course per semester. However, most AT's choose to complete their degrees over the course of the two years in order to improve their credentials for the job search process.

Once associate teachers have been accepted into the program, it is their responsibility to apply to a master's degree program in education at the university of their choice. Please note that as of 2016, all New York graduate schools are requiring the GRE as part of the application process.

How much will I be paid?

First-year associate teachers in 2018-2019 will earn a stipend of $28,500; second-years $29,000. In addition, Greenwich Academy will subsidize your graduate education with study grants totaling $15,750 over two years.

What benefits are available to me?

You are eligible for GA’s medical and dental benefits, for which GA pays the majority of the cost. Breakfast and lunch are available in the dining hall on all school days. School-owned apartments are sometimes available to rent, but the school cannot guarantee housing for AT's. More information on these and other benefits can be obtained during the application process.

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