Upper School Students Go For a Spin in New PE Class
Posted 10/07/2014 11:17AM
Music pounding. Quads burning. Sweat dripping. Fifteen girls move in unison – sprinting towards a virtual finish line with constant encouragement from their instructor.

Welcome to the Greenwich Academy Spin Studio where the rubber doesn’t meet the road, but the miles still speed by.

Instructor, Middle School Mandarin teacher Kate Lee, was recruited to take the lead bike when Athletic Director Martha Brosseau discovered that Ms. Lee was an avid spinner in college. In preparation for teaching classes, Ms. Lee became certified in a grueling nine-hour course, which—in addition to instruction on spin profiles, endurance, and intervals—included two “rides” and an exam! And she didn’t stop there. “I started taking more spin classes in New York City. I took 5 or 6 different types of classes, including some that featured karaoke, choreography and weights,” she said.

The GA spin classes are 45 minutes in length and they meet three days a week. “During the first five minutes of class we get on our bikes and slowly get warmed up,” Ms. Lee described. “We ease into it, slowly getting our energy levels up.”

The inaugural group of spinners includes an even mix of spin veterans and newbies.
Olivia ‘16, who began taking spin classes over the summer, said, “I think spinning is such an appealing form of exercise because of the atmosphere ... it's really motivating to see other people around you working hard. Also, it is so much fun to spin to the beat of your favorite songs. Sometimes I'm having such a good time listening to the music, that I forget I'm actually getting exercise!”

Emma ’18 took her very first spin class in the GA studio and quickly became a huge fan. “When I came to my first class it was nothing like I expected,” she said. “I am not a huge fan of running and spinning, for me, is a fun alternative.” For those who are considering spinning, Emma offered this advice: “Come into it with an open mind because while everyone says it’s very hard, which it is at times, it’s so much fun when you get into it!”

Though the classes are tough, students and instructor agree that the benefits are numerous, including stress relief and building community across US groups. Olivia added, “Now that I can spin at school, I don't go to other classes because there is no need to! I get good exercise and also a chance to relax after a busy day at school.”

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