Numbers Racket: Human Calculator Causes LS Sensation
Posted 01/10/2019 03:50PM

LS girls' minds blown by Human Calculator Scott Flansburg.

You wouldn't think middle-aged "mathlete" + 80 Lower School girls would add up to a No. 1 hit, but that's exactly what happened Wednesday afternoon at a GAPA assembly in Young. Scott Flansburg, a k a The Human Calculator, brought down the house with his see-it-to-believe-it math skills. He added, he subtracted, he even customized a quotient to Mr. Knowlton's birthday. And the girls loved it.

Flansburg is a more than a numbers cruncher. He's a cajoler, a conjurer, a connoisseur. He holds Guiness records for feats of math, and his brain is thought to come up with answers faster than he can speak them. At his visit to GA, he was adding sums so fast, Mrs. Kaine literally couldn't keep up on a calculator. He maths faster than the speed of thumb!

While his facility is spectacular, Flansburg is also a bit of a numerical crusader. He calls himself an "edutainer," and a critical part of his show is converting nonbelievers to the miracle of math. His computational enthusiasm is so great, last year he launched a national counting bee to promote arithmetic and numerary skills.

Has that particular bug lodged itself in the collective Lower School ear? Remains to be seen. But two GA mathletes eagerly took the stage for an impromptu mini-bee, and excitement in the room went to 11. The numbers are looking good.

LS girls stand up and count in a mini-bee.

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