Capoeira Proves to be a PC/CC Crowd-Pleaser
Posted 12/11/2018 03:21PM

Combining dance, music, and martial arts, the performance group Ginga Brasileira introduced Brazilian language and culture to the PC and CC girls at last week's assembly.

The girls leaned about Capoeira, a martial art with its roots in the ethnically African population of 16th century Brazil. Capoeira was often practiced to music and the girls were delighted to see several of these high-energy dances performed to the beat of Brazilian drums and tambourines. A Berimbau, a single-string percussion instrument that looks like an archer's bow, was also used.

Ginga Brasiliera's artistic director, Efraim Silva, patiently taught the girls a few Portuguese phrases, and how to pronounce the names of the dances being performed and the instruments used.

The girls were also impressed by the performers' costumes which they changed for each dance number, the most ornate being a green and gold feathered and sequined costume of the type worn at the annual Brazilian festival, Carnival.

Not surprisingly the girls' favorite part of the assembly was when they got in on the action—they didn't require any convincing to get up and dance!

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