Posted 10/01/2016 09:00AM

This summer I had the opportunity to work with a GA mom at her local business GLOsquad, a skincare lounge. I was able to simultaneously learn more about the importance of skincare maintenance and see the inner workings of how to run a successful business. My work with GLOsquad primarily focused on their social media accounts and how to attract and connect with younger females (tweens & teens). This was achieved by creating a social media calendar, which I filled with weekly themes/messages, promotions and images. I also did other work such as creating and filling in spreadsheets, researching investors, tracking client ambassadors and writing blog posts.

I also had the chance to partake in a GLOsquad meeting with another local business called Case Study Brands, where GLOsquad was used as a sample case study. In this meeting, several GA girls shadowed with Case Study Brands. Together we worked in groups to discuss GLOsquad's infrastructure. We also considered the importance of audience needs, communication and came up with several new ideas to attract younger customers. It was very cool to participate in this meeting because it taught me the importance of branding/what your business stands for when trying to attract new customers.

Overall, I had a great five weeks working with this GA mom because she helped mentor me through all of my tasks and gave me vital pointers about running a business. All of the knowledge I gained through this internship is very valuable to me because I run my own skincare business and sell my products (bath bombs & body scrubs) at local farmers markets. 

As I worked with GLOsquad's social media I also expanded the social media presence of my business.



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