Open Houses 2019

Sunday, October 20:
All-School Open House

For prospective Lower, Middle, and Upper School families

Massey Theater
Lower and Middle School
Pre-Connecting–Group VIII
1:00 PM

Diversity at GA
2:30 PM

Upper School
Groups IX-XII
3:30 PM

We hope you will enjoy this opportunity to learn about Greenwich Academy; to meet faculty, students, and administrators; and to tour the classrooms and campus with student guides.


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Sunday, October 27:
Coordinate Upper School Open House

For prospective Upper School families

Baker Theater
Brunswick School
100 Maher Ave.

12:00-2:00 PM

We invite all interested families to learn more about Greenwich Academy and Brunswick School’s unique, innovative partnership. Upper School Coordination enables students from both schools to enjoy the best elements of single-sex and coeducation.


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