Scholarship Breakfast

Inspired to Help Others
Spotlight on Julia Hyman '13

Each year the Scholarship Breakfast welcomes back to GA an accomplished alumna, who benefited from GA’s financial aid program while a student, to deliver the keynote at a special morning that gives thanks to those who support scholarships at Greenwich Academy. This year’s distinguished speaker, Julia Hyman '13, joined GA in Group VI. At GA, Julia was an active participant in music and sports, but it was her passion for her STEM-related classes and leadership as President of SCORE (Students of Color Organized to Represent Equality) that led her to pursue her career path as a licensed certified social worker and public health practitioner. 

Watch the keynote video as Julia  reflects on her journey thus far and expresses her gratitude to GA and to her teachers who served as mentors, enabling her to be herself as she found her passion to be a health advocate for marginalized populations.  

Julia was always an 'actions speak louder than words' person. She was universally respected by her class and the faculty.”

Tom Sullivan,
Head of Upper School

Welcome & Introduction

Keynote Speaker Julia Hyman '13, MPP, MSW, LCSW

Julia was a calm, measured presence whenever things got chaotic in class. She was always focused and attentive, but also had a sly sense of humor. She was just a smart, fun, interesting young person to teach!”

Edwina Foster,
Upper School English Teacher

“My time on campus taught me that while individual growth is important, learning is a shared, collaborative experience that occurs inside and outside of the classroom.

Julia Hyman '13

“When I considered transitioning to a career in mental health, once again, Greenwich Academy was there to help me along the way. GA's Career Resource Center connected me with the school wellness counselors and GA alumnae in the mental health field so I could learn about their professional experiences firsthand. These conversations informed my decision to attend graduate school to study clinical social work and public health.

Julia Hyman '13

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We are ever grateful to the generosity of the GA community in supporting scholarship and impacting generations of GA girls.