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F.U.N. Dance

2019 FUN poster



November 15
6:30-8:30 PM
Ramsing Gymnasium

The new Lower School isn’t the only thing “under construction” at GA. At the “I CAN DO IT!” 2019 F.U.N. Dance, all Group I-IV girls are invited to come dressed to reveal “who they want to be.” Whether you are Sadie the Skiier, Holland the Architect, Evelyn the Editor, or Serri the Singer, we can’t wait to celebrate you. Together with your Fathers, Uncles, or Near/Dear Guests—we want to see how these Gator Girls are paving the way to change the world!

We need plenty of volunteers for this beloved LS event! Please volunteer here.

Registration has closed. A charge of $40 per person will be billed to your school account. Finger food and dessert will be served. The entire event will take place in Ramsing Gym.