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Middle School Robotics Teams Win Big
Middle School Robotics Teams Win Big

Neither power outages nor fallen trees nor blocked roads can keep the GA girls from achieving their goals. In the aftermath of Friday's Nor'easter, GA's Middle School robotics teams still managed to make their way to Saturday's VEX IQ CT State Championship at Central Connecticut State University and bring home some impressive hardware.

Four GA teams participated in the 50-team competition, but due to outside scheduling conflicts, none of the four teams had all team members present. In fact, the Group VIII team had only four out of ten members in attendance, while the Group VII teams were comprised of five students on one team, one student plus a Group VII stand-in member, and another team with one student and a rotation of partners "borrowed" from the larger group throughout the day. Faculty advisor Gail Sestito said, "They all came together to help one another today. The amount of sharing and help they gave one another at this competition and all year has been remarkable."

At the end of the day, two teams made it to the finals. The group VIII team had a strong design and performed well throughout the day, finishing in 8th place. One group VII team ended up with the second highest score of the day (ranked #2 overall) and was recognized as the best all-around team in their division with the Middle School Excellence Award. Another Group VII team won the Best STEM Project Award for their robotic medical scanner project. Both of these Group VII teams have received invitations to this spring's World Tournament in Louisville, KY.

And oh, by the way, this is uncharted territory for GA. This is the first time GA has competed using the VEX IQ robotics kit and in the VEX IQ competition circuit. They can only get better from here. Next stop—the Bluegrass State!