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Nantucket Project to Partner with GA for Symposium
Nantucket Project to Partner with GA for Symposium
On October 24, GA will host the 7th annual Greenwich Academy Symposium, focusing on the theme of telling the personal narrative and storytelling with a purpose. The goal of the Symposium is to provide a way for students to examine a topic of global relevance through a variety of lenses and to focus on an aspect of personal interest.

This year GA has partnered with the Nantucket Project, which focuses on bringing together thinkers and creators. Their aim is to share ideas and support a group of scholars as they learn to tell their story in an impactful way. Speakers tell personal stories while simultaneously discussing a broader idea borne out of their own experiences.

The day will begin with a keynote address and presentation given by the Nantucket Project team about their mission and purpose as an organization. The presenters will discuss storytelling through multiple perspectives and the students will also hear the telling of a personal narrative.

Afterwards, students will break into smaller groups so each girl can participate in a workshop session that focuses on telling a purposeful personal narrative through a specific media format. Media options offered in the workshops include video, audio, performance, computer programming, and even expression through Instagram and Twitter.

Similar to TED Talks or the Humans of NY, the Nantucket Project’s mission could reach beyond the boundaries of GA, the Northeast, or even the U.S. This experience is intended to inspire and provide GA girls with the opportunity to grow, learn, and deepen their appreciation for diversity of the human experience.