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US to Present Buzzworthy Fall Musical
US to Present Buzzworthy Fall Musical

The outrageous antics of students (and teachers) will keep audiences laughing as the Upper School presents The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee for the fall musical. A cast of 11 actors and five crew members will stage this 2005 Broadway production with music and lyrics by William Finn.

The two-act play is set in a fictional town where the eccentricity of the tween spellers is nearly outmatched by the overzealous adults in charge of the event. From “Barfee’s” magic foot to a juice box slinging “Comfort Counselor” the show will provide an upbeat evening of entertainment.

Director Brian Borowka and Musical Director Erica McCants chose this show for several reasons. “First, Erica and I love the music. It’s fun and upbeat. Also, with the smaller cast we can really focus on the actors. The characters are well defined and everyone has a solo,” Mr. Borowka said. “With a small, super-talented group we get to showcase each actor in a fun way.”

One particular highlight of the show is that audience members are written into the script, creating a unique improv opportunity for the cast. “We will have four spellers come up from the audience at each performance. They will participate in the spelling bee, and the actors will ad lib around whatever happens in the spur of the moment,” Mr. Borowka explained. “This is the wildcard that will make each performance a bit different from the other. These personalities will bring something new to each show. “

The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee will be held November 19-21 at 7PM. This show is appropriate for audiences in Group VII and above.  Reserve your tickets now