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From the Head of the Upper School


Dear Upper School Parents,

We’re so proud of the way the Upper School created and sustained Distance Learning this past spring.

Now we’re busy planning a return to campus for the fall. We are considering several frameworks so that we can be responsive to health guidelines as they become available. Head of School Molly King will be sending out updates at the end of June and a more detailed one at the end of July. The deans and I will follow up with Upper School-specific details thereafter, including information about opening days, student schedules, and the like. Thanks for your steadiness as we all do our part to find a safe and sustaining path back to campus.    
Below are some documents for the coming academic year, including a letter from the class dean and information on summer reading. Please give each link a careful read, and be sure to fill out any online forms. My thanks to the deans, the department chairs, and the great Elle Tarrant (if you don’t know her, you soon will). 

Here’s to everyone enjoying a Zoom-free, fresh-air summer. And a special welcome to our new Upper Schoolers. We can’t wait to meet you!


Tom Sullivan

From the Deans

Summer Reading

For Group IX