MS Online Bookstore

Dear Middle School Parents,

Once again we are partnering with BNC Services (formerly MBS) to be our official online book provider for middle school textbooks. Here are some benefits of our online ordering system:

  • Your login will take you directly to your daughter’s book requirements, so you won’t need to search for anything.
  • Many books will be marked with a guaranteed buyback including the buyback price. At the end of the school year you can return the book and are guaranteed the buyback price.
  • Book sales will go live on Aug. 10 and will include two weeks of free shipping for orders of $100 or more (last day of free shipping: Aug. 23).
  • Books are delivered to your home in 3-5 days. 
  • BNC offers 24-hour online and phone customer service.

This year the GA School Store will be selling Spanish and French textbooks directly to your daughter. You will see the textbook charge on your daughter’s September billing. Any French and Spanish books noted on the website are language readers which you will need to purchase. Later in the school year your daughter may also receive a language reader at school which will be charged on her school store account at that time. The school store will not be selling any other Middle School books for the 22-23 school year. You may opt to purchase your books outside of BNC, but please be aware that you must use the same ISBN (not just title) that is listed for each book. Also, some books are sold as a “bundle” which includes a supersite or online code. If you have a used copy of one of these books it probably will not include the supersite, and you would have to purchase one separately. Some books are also used in consecutive years so you would not want to return these after one year. This information is all included in the details below.

Your BNC User ID is your daughter’s first initial, last name, and year of graduation. If your daughter uses a nickname or a middle name please use the initial of her “official” first name. Therefore, Elizabeth Smith who goes by Betsy and graduates in 2028 will be ESmith2028. Jane Marie White who goes by Marie and graduates in 2027 will be JWhite2027. If you have two daughters in the same grade with the same first initial please use the first two letters of their first name. All returning students should use the same user ID that was used last year. If you have any questions regarding your User ID please feel free to call me. 

Please carefully read the details for your daughter’s grade.

This information will be noted when you log in to your BNC account using your user ID.  

How to order:

Visit our online Middle School website:
Select your courses from your schedule.
View your course materials and select your format.
Check out.
Select guaranteed buyback titles and save up to 70% off your course materials.

Please feel free to contact me or BNC customer service with any questions:; 800.325.3252

Diane Reardon
GA School Store Manager