After School


Greenwich Academy offers two after-school enrichment programs for girls in Lower School: Serendipity and Friday Afters. Additionally, LS students requiring supervision until a 3:45 PM bus or pickup may register for Study Hall. Finally, Homework Hall is open to Middle Schoolers who cannot be picked up by 3:45 PM. Please find more information, as well as how to register, for all these programs below.

Friday Afters (LS)

Produced by the Greenwich Academy Parents Association, Friday Afters is open to all Lower School students PC-Group IV. Held on select Fridays, it consists of two 8-week sessions. The program for PC and CC runs 12:30-1:30 PM on the Ridgeview Avenue campus and includes lunch supervision. Parents are asked to provide a bagged, nut-free lunch for their children. The program for Groups I-IV runs from school dismissal until 2:50 PM and includes lunch at the Dining Hall.

We strongly encourage everyone to put down a first, second, and, for Groups I-IV, third choice. There will be a lottery for classes that are over-subscribed.

Questions? Contact Friday Afters Co-Chairs Jen Gonnella and Cindy Handy.

Session II online registration:
Thu Jan. 9-Thu Jan. 16

Program Dates: Select Fridays
January: 24, 31
February: 21, 28
March: 6
April: 3, 17
May: 1 (8 as a make-up date, if needed)


Class offerings for Session II will be posted in December.


Session I: Sept. 20-Nov. 22


The eight-week session is $260. Payment will be charged to the student’s school billing account. If a cancellation is made after the first lesson, billing accounts will be credited a 50% refund; no refunds after that time.
If classes are oversubscribed, a lottery will be held to determine participants. Girls may register for up to two classes, in order of preference. 

The program for PC and CC runs from school dismissal until 1:30 PM on the Ridgeview Avenue campus and includes lunch supervision. Parents are asked to provide a bagged, nut-free lunch.

Classes for PC & CC

Adventure Soccer

Learn the fundamentals of soccer. With instruction from GA Head Soccer Coach Alistair Lonsdale and his staff, the girls will develop technical skills in passing, shooting, and dribbling, through a variety of fun, age-appropriate games and activities. As they build their ball skills, the girls will also learn that teamwork is the key to success! Please send your girls to school with a nut-free lunch, along with soccer cleats, shin guards, a size 3 soccer ball, and water.

Instructor: Total Technique Soccer - Alistair Lonsdale
Limit: 20 girls

Future Picassos Painting Class

Calling all art lovers! Students will be guided through the painting process and will learn about paint, how to apply it to the canvas, and how to complete a painting. The girls will also learn fun and exciting art history facts and become knowledgeable art historians. Each class will begin with a discussion about a specific artist, and the girls will then either recreate a painting or create artwork “inspired by” the artist. The canvases are often pre-sketched to remove any potential anxiety, and students may change and add to their artwork as they wish. The final class is “free paint”—when the girls will come up with their own creations. Please send your girls to school with a nut-free lunch.
Instructor: Future Picassos - Kathy Chattoraj
Limit: 12 girls


The eight-week session is $520. Payment will be charged to the student’s school billing account. If a cancellation is made after the first lesson, billing accounts will be credited a 50% refund; no refunds after that time.

If classes are oversubscribed, a lottery will be held to determine participants. Girls may register for up to three classes, in order of preference.

The program for Groups I-IV runs from school dismissal until 2:50 PM and includes lunch at the Dining Hall. 

Classes for Groups I-IV

Introduction to Coding (Groups I & II)

Calling all coders! Coding is the new language that children should be learning. In this class, your girls will be introduced to block-based coding using Scratch and Blockly. Students will learn coding through challenges, including making their own programs for the robot Dash & Dot using Blockly. The girls will transform Dot into an alarm, play tag with Dash, and use Dot to control Dash. Programming lets them turn their silliest or most ambitious ideas into reality. Within this Scratch coding adventure, they will create fun, animated stories and games, while learning essential programming concepts using sprites and blocks. The Drag & Drop platform, developed by MIT, sets a foundation for young people to learn to think creatively, reason systematically, and work collaboratively. No prior experience necessary.

Instructor: Zaniac
Limit: 12 girls

Kung Fu Fun (Groups I & II)

Come explore the excitement of Kung Fu! The girls will learn important life skills to build confidence and self-discipline in this well-loved class. Students will learn beginning martial arts techniques of Shaolin Kung Fu, with a focus on increasing flexibility, mobility, strength, and coordination. They will develop specific martial arts skills, such as punching, kicking, blocking, and rolling, and their hard work will culminate in the earning of a belt at the last class.

Instructor: Shaolin Flow Martial Arts - Hannah Suggs
Limit: 12 girls

Awesome Art with Felicity (Groups I-III)

Have fun creating awesome art with the beloved Felicity! Each week, students will use different mediums, such as paints on canvas, watercolor, and pastels, to create amazing masterpieces. The class will focus on developing artistic skills, learning techniques, and expanding self-confidence. The girls will have a blast as they explore, create, achieve, and, most importantly, have fun with art!

Instructor: Felicity Kostakis
Limit: 16 girls

MagicDance Hip-Hop (Groups I-III)

Come join the fun and feel like you are at a party every Friday afternoon! In this action-packed dance class, girls will receive step-by-step instruction to all the latest Hip-Hop moves in rhythm to their favorite hit songs.

Instructor: Magic Dance on the Water - Mara Gardel
Limit: 12 girls

Sew Happy (Groups II-IV)

Design it! Sew it! Love it! Come join Sew Happy, where students will learn to both hand sew and sew using a machine, producing their very own personality pillow and other individualized sewing creations. The girls will learn the fundamentals of machine sewing, including how to set up, thread, dismantle, and troubleshoot. They will also learn the life skill of hand sewing, starting with threading a needle and tying a knot, and progressing to buttons, different stitch types, and more advanced techniques. The students will also work on a “free sew” project, which will allow them to express their creativity with different fabrics, design, and techniques.

Instructor: Sew Happy
Limit: 12 girls

Girls’ Coding Club (Groups III & IV)

Learn to code! Empower your girls through this introduction to the languages of programming taught by the expert coding specialists at MacInspires. Students will learn how to create stories and games in Scratch, design a project, and watch it come to life. The important skills developed in this class will provide the girls with an exciting view into the world of computer science.

Instructor: MacInspires
Limit: 10 girls

The Waverly Project (Groups III & IV)

The Waverly Project focuses on empowering girls to find their passions, build confidence, and think globally. Grab your passport and pack your sense of adventure! In this unique and popular offering, Waverly founder Molly Wills will lead the girls on a world tour of creativity and self-discovery. The travelers will “visit” different countries and engage in DIY projects inspired by each visit—hand-cut scarves from Paris, beautiful perfumes from Indonesia, splatter paint totes inspired by Jackson Pollack, and paper-making pegged to Germany and the printing press revolution. This class is truly empowering and inspiring!

Instructor: The Waverly Project - Molly Wills
Limit: 20 girls

3D Printing (Groups III & IV)

Learn to build original objects using 3D printers! Students will create awesome 3D printed objects using TinkerCAD. Create small models, jewelry, pencil holders, key chains, and whatever else you can imagine. If you can dream it up and model it, you can bring it into the real world.

Instructor: The Digital Arts Experience
Limit: 12 girls

Serendipity (LS)

Serendipity runs Mon-Thu for girls in Groups I-IV. Taught by GA teachers and outside instructors, all classes are one hour, from 3:15-4:15 PM. Please pick up your children promptly. Since children who take the bus must leave at 3:45 PM, parents must arrange for alternate transportation on Serendipity days. There are no Serendipity classes on half-days or holidays.

Fall Serendipity classes end on Wednesday, December 18.

Monday classes begin: Sept. 16
Tuesday classes begin: Sept. 17
Wednesday classes begin: Sept. 18
Thursday classes begin: Sept. 19

Registration for Winter Serendipity classes is November 20-December 4.

Monday classes begin: Jan. 6
Tuesday classes begin: Jan. 7
Wednesday classes begin: Jan. 8
Thursday classes begin: Jan. 9

Registration Procedures & General Info 

  • All charges will be billed to your school billing account.
  • If there are classes for which there are more registrations than we have places, we hold a lottery to decide which children may attend. If your child is placed on the waitlist for a class, she will have priority the next time the class is offered.
  • Your daughter may register for more than one class. Please be sure that the class is offered to her grade level.
  • We reserve the right to modify classes or change faculty assignments when necessary. Classes with insufficient enrollment will be canceled.
  • There are no Serendipity classes on half-days or holidays.
  • If your daughter drops out of a Serendipity class after the first week and her spot cannot be filled, you will be charged for the entire class.



Art A to Z

Fee: $170
Teacher: Mrs. Casanova
Groups II-IV
Design colorful artwork with a variety of materials: acrylics, boxes, crayons decoupage, etching, finger painting. Each week students will create beautiful art projects!

Homework Club

Fee: $120
Teacher: Mrs. Dolan
Groups I-IV
What better way for your child to get her homework completed than to join the Homework Club? GA Learning Specialist Amy Dolan will provide guidance, support, and enrichment, while helping your child get organized and understand what needs to be prioritized. If all homework is completed, literacy and math skills activities tailored to each student will be available for your child.

Hula Hoop Weaving

Fee: $170
Teacher: Mrs. Ellis
Groups I-IV 

Come make your own hula hoop rug! New this year, we will not only being using t-shirts of all colors, but we will also be braiding and twisting yarn to use in our masterpieces. Guaranteed to be awesome! Not only will you go home with a fabulous rug, you also get to keep your sparkly hula hoop!


The Make Something Club

Fee: $200
Teacher: Mrs. Mayfield
Groups I-IV
Each week you will cook, sew, or create something. Emphasis will be on creativity and exploration in the use of the different materials assigned for each project.

On Stage

Fee: $160
Teachers: Mrs. Ellis & Mr. Young
Groups I-IV
Come explore the world of the theater with us. We will work on all of the different aspects of performing a Broadway show, including scenes, theater games, and songs. The session will culminate with a performance for friends and family.

Tinkering Time

Fee: $200
Teacher: Mrs. Casanova
Groups I-IV
Let’s tinker together! Get inspired and dare to innovate, create, and play. We will explore and change, we will work with friends, we will discover new ways of doing things. Tinkering builds problem solving skills. How can I make a window for my house? How can I make a cardboard animal stand up? Develop problem solving skills.



Fee: $200
Teacher: National Scholastic Chess Foundation
Groups I-IV
Students will have fun playing chess with their friends and learning new strategies to help them become better chess players.

Knitting Nook 3.0

Fee: $200
Teacher: Mrs. Ellis
Groups I-IV
Come join Mrs. Ellis’s Knitting Nook for new and improved projects that will include candy cane horses and straw weaving. Circle knitting will also be available so you can make hats and scarves. Join the class and knit your afternoon away!

Sew Fun

Fee: $200
Teacher: Mrs. Mayfield
Groups I-IV

Learn techniques with sewing by hand and then advance to the sewing machine. Sewing machine safety will be taught. Girls will make a pillow on the sewing machine and other small projects.


Computer Fun

Fee: $140
Teacher: Mrs. Mayfield
Groups I-IV 

Girls will have fun exploring the latest technology in the computer lab.

Math Club

Fee: $30 (supply fee only)
Teacher: Mrs. Hill
Groups: III & IV only

In Math Club we will be exploring mathematical concepts and themes in ways that encourage critical thinking, problem solving, and the creative application of skills. In addition, the girls will have the opportunity to work collaboratively and engage in conversations that stretch and strengthen their mathematical thinking. The Math Club will be led by Holly Hill and will feature special guests from other divisions. 


Fee: $190
Teacher: Mrs. Casanova
Groups II-IV 

Use your hands to mold beautiful miniature creations! Use soft, colorful polymer clay to create mini food, unique jewelry, fantastic creatures, and much more. It’s a great opportunity to exercise your fine motor skills, expand your creativity, and have fun at the same time.

Study Hall (LS)


Study Hall is a supervised study time for students in Groups I-IV who
are waiting to leave on a bus, waiting to be picked up by a MS or US sister, or
have a pickup time that is in conflict with another area school (with approval
from the Head of Lower School). Only these students may attend. There is no fee for Study Hall.

Meeting Times

Study Hall meets in a designated LS classroom Mon-Thu, and runs from dismissal to 3:45 PM. At that time, students straighten up the classroom and the supervising teacher accompanies bus-riders to the Upper School Circle to meet the bus. All other students must be picked up at Study Hall by 3:45 PM.

Guidelines & Procedures

Although the time is brief, we hope students will use Study Hall to start their homework, so they have less to do when they get home. Girls should:
Bring all materials and books required for that day’s homework
Check in with the supervising teacher and find a seat
Ask the supervising teacher for assistance with assignments
At dismissal, straighten up room, check out with the supervising teacher


Please fill out & return this form to the LS office by the second week of school.


Contact Colleen Schneider in the LS office.

Homework Hall (MS)


Homework Hall is a supervised study hall held after school for Middle School students who cannot be picked up by 3:45 PM.

Meeting Times

Homework Hall meets Mon-Thu 3:35-5:00 PM in Room 108 (adjacent to the MS office).

Guidelines & Procedures

Students who are not picked up by 3:45 PM are required to check into HW Hall. Snack is provided. Parents or guardians may call the supervisor to request their child to meet outside at their pickup location. Students who have not been picked up by 4:55 PM will be walked to the Lower School Pagoda by the supervisor for a prompt 5:00 PM pickup. There is no need to sign up in advance. The supervisor can be reached during HW Hall hours at 203.485.4058.


There is no fee for students waiting to board a 4:00 PM bus. All other students who attend HW Hall will be charged $15.00 per session. Arrangements for students receiving financial assistance may be made through the Financial Aid Office.


Contact Mere Tormey in the MS Office; she can also be reached by phone at 203.625.8905.

Pickup Times

Friday Afters  (LS)
PC & CC: 1:30 PM Ridgeview Avenue Campus

Groups I-IV: 2:50 PM Lower School Pagoda

Serendipity  (LS)
4:15 PM Lower School Pagoda

Study Hall  (LS)
3:45 PM at Study Hall

Homework Hall  (MS)
5:00 PM at MS Room 108

LS Dismissal

  Mon-Thu Fri
PC 2:40 PM 11:30 AM

2:55 PM

11:45 AM

I 3:00 PM 11:40 AM
II 3:10 PM 11:50 AM
III 3:15 PM 11:55 AM
IV 3:20 PM 12:00 PM

MS Dismissal

Mon-Thu Fri
3:25 PM 2:35 PM