Athletics at GA

Greenwich Academy’s athletic philosophy mirrors that of every other field of endeavor here: We are committed to fostering excellence within the context of developing sound character.

At every age, in every sport, our girls learn sportsmanship, discipline, dedication, teamwork. And the student-athlete is the center of it all. Every GA girl has the opportunity to compete on a team regardless of her experience or skill level. A signature piece of our program is the quality of the relationships our girls build with the inspiring, committed educators who teach their sport—as well as with each other. Most important, GA’s entire athletic community is informed by our motto, Toward the Building of Character, as girls, coaches, and fans alike win with grace, lose with dignity, and demonstrate resilience, courage, integrity, and compassion.

Lower School

From our littlest Gators taking quick laps down at Ridgeview to Group IV girls learning sport-specific skills and team concepts, physical education is a key part of Lower School life. It’s fun, to be sure, but it’s also purposeful and structured. Twice-a-week classes for PC and CC ramp up to three in Groups I-IV. And while they’re mastering technique and rules of play, they also learn how to lead and how to follow, how to compete and how to cooperate. And ultimately, they learn the fun of fair play. 

Middle School

We believe teamwork and competition are crucial learning experiences. In Groups V and VI, girls focus on sports and technique, refining skills and improving strategies to prepare them for team play. In Groups VII and VIII, students train and represent their school in the four sports offered each season. (Group VIII students may also pick dance for a winter and spring sport.) Except for game days and Wednesdays, teams practice for the last two periods of school. Our Middle School Gators lay the foundation of our Upper School athletic program.

Upper School

GA fields more than 25 teams in 16 sports and has a long tradition of interscholastic success. Teams consistently compete for conference titles, and many extend their seasons to contend for New England and, for some teams, National Championships. We offer crew, cross country, field hockey, soccer, and volleyball in fall; basketball, ice hockey, squash, skiing, and swimming & diving in winter; crew, golf, lacrosse, sailing, tennis, track & field, and water polo in spring. Teams practice a maximum of two hours on non-game days. Training sessions are designed to provide the appropriate level of challenge with an increased expectation on performance at the varsity level. 

GA provides a myriad of ways for girls to gain confidence through movement, be it participating in our physical education, dance, or athletic programs. All offer the appropriate level of challenge to meet the needs of our students.


Fall Sports

Winter Sports

Spring Sports