Arts Atrium

Uniting the Visual and Performing Arts Centers, the Atrium has two complementary functions, community and art. Convivial and expansive, light-filled and comfortable, the space is at once student gathering place (snack machines are just around the corner!) and gallery (about that light...). Ultimately, the dual purposes unite, each role reinforcing the other, creating a unique harmony. The Atrium’s inaugural installation, Gator Golf Club, makes for a charming object lesson. Created by Visual Arts Department Chair Sean Lahey, the 5-hole mini-golf course is open daily to all members. “It’s ready for students of all ages to have a fun, challenging outing,” he says. Lahey, who’s mounting Atrium experiences all year as part of a GA Innovation Grant, says the links will be live for “about two weeks.” What’s next? He’s not telling. “A beach? A playgound? Who can say?!”