Visual Arts


The Greenwich Academy visual arts program encourages artistic expression in every student. With a curriculum designed for the successful development of fine arts skills, teachers in all three divisions help students fulfill their individual potential by offering wide-ranging and age-appropriate opportunities to experiment with materials and media. Students learn to communicate in an original, personal style. They pursue the study of aesthetics, art history, art criticism, and contemporary developments through class work, field trips, visiting artists, and exhibitions by professionals and by the students themselves. Interdisciplinary collaborations thrive within the Visual Arts Department, as well as in combination with many other arts disciplines and academic departments. All students leave Greenwich Academy with a firm foundation in the visual arts and a love and appreciation of the visual arts that will last them a lifetime.

Lower School

At the heart of Greenwich Academy’s lower school art curriculum is the belief that every young person is an artist. Every year, students cycle through units in paint, collage, clay, construction, and printmaking. We aim to inspire our youngest artists to experiment with art techniques and materials, reflect on their creative work and feel pride in the outcome.

Middle School

Group V and VI artists are encouraged to find their personal voice as they are mastering their art skills. Ceramics, digital art, film production, studio art, and an introduction to art and coding in the Engineering & Design Lab are the core choices for those choosing to pursue the visual arts in Groups VI and VIII.

Upper School

Introductory, advanced, honors and/or AP levels are offered in the areas of ceramics, 2D-design and digital art, film production, studio art, and the Engineering & Design Lab. Students of all ability and experience level are able to participate and thrive in the visual arts. They are challenged to think like an artist and use their chosen media as a vehicle for self-expression. Works by Upper School art students are selected for publication in Daedalus, GA’s literary and art magazine. Upper School art is regularly submitted to art competitions and our students are often recognized for their work regionally and nationally.

The school’s visual arts facilities include:

  • Six art rooms, including a painting and ceramics studio
  • Film lab and screening room
  • Computer art lab
  • Engineering & Design Lab equipped with 2D machines including a laser cutter, vinyl cutter, and large format printer, 3D printers, a milling machine, and a ShopBot (a computer-driven router)
  • Luchsinger Gallery and Jacobs Lobby, a 1,400-square foot gallery space for professional artist and student exhibitions

Luchsinger Gallery

Housed in the Wallace Performing Arts Center, the Luchsinger Gallery presents exhibitions by students, faculty, alumnae, and outside artists each year. The Visiting Artists Program invites professional artists showing in the gallery to speak about their working process and lead workshops in the classrooms. The Luchsinger Gallery combines with the Jacobs Lobby to form an 1,100-square foot space that has hosted emerging and mid-career artists from New York, New Haven, and Fairfield County.

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