Greenwich Academy’s Music Department offers students the opportunity to perform in a variety of ensembles, both choral and instrumental. Students learn and perform both traditional and contemporary music literature at on and off campus venues.

The goal of the choral and instrumental groups is to educate students in the rudiments of music so that they become literate and proficient in reading and performing music from various historical periods and styles. The school’s choral groups include Bel Canto, Madrigal Singers, Gospel Choir, and a coed a cappella group.

There are a number of opportunities for instrumental musicians at Greenwich Academy and Brunswick School. Brass, woodwind, and percussion students may play in large and small ensembles, from chamber music to auditioned jazz groups such as Blue Notes. 

Private lessons are offered in piano and voice. Students perform classical music, jazz and a multicultural repertoire as they become proficient in the fundamentals of their instrument.