Dance has remained an integral part of GA’s curriculum since the school’s founding in 1827. Across all divisions, students engage with dance through class, performances, and extracurricular companies. We place a strong emphasis on student choreography and bring in professional guest artists to work with the dancers. We believe in discovering pathways to nurture a student’s creative spirit as well as her own self-confidence through movement.

Lower School

Dance is curricular from PC through Group IV. Our program strives to help each child grow in physical ability and self-confidence so that she can experience the exhilaration and satisfaction of expressing herself creatively. We emphasize ballet, modern, and hip-hop techniques as well as the elements of dance, relationships to one another and the world around us, choreographic principles, and mindfulness. Students participate in age-appropriate performances during grade-level shows and Lower School assemblies. 

Middle School

Middle School students are introduced to the techniques of classical ballet, West African, capoeira, and contemporary dance. We emphasize learning how to create and collaborate on choreography. Dance class is curricular through Group VII, elective in Group VIII. There are opportunities for girls to perform for the GA community, such as participating in the Middle School Dance Company.

Upper School

Students can choose to participate in our dance classes as an alternative to PE and one of our two companies, Dance Corps and Junior Dance Corps. Within both aspects of our program, we offer opportunities for advanced and novice dancers. Throughout the year, we explore a variety of styles through faculty, student, and guest choreography. Our dancers work with guest artists in GA’s dance residency program as well as in individual master classes which feature techniques such as modern/contemporary, hip-hop, ballroom, Broadway, jazz, ballet, and more.