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More than 30% of GA students live outside of Greenwich. Because of such geographic diversity, we strive to provide a transportation program that serves the entire community’s needs, factoring in considerations such as time, convenience, resources, and environmental impact. You will find detailed information about the variety of transportation options available to GA students below, as well as payment and registration information for some services that are not included in tuition. We encourage you to consider group transit, which can save time and alleviate drop-off/pick-up congestion. For those who can’t find a transportation solution among the options below, we will be collecting contact information of families interested in carpooling starting in mid-August. Please check back then.

Since the lower divisions are dismissed before afternoon bus departures, Middle School students may sign up for Homework Hall and Lower School students may attend Study Hall.

If you have any questions or require additional information, please contact Transportation Coordinator Martha Franco; you may also reach her by telephone at 203.625.8900. For information about the shuttle bus operated by Brunswick School delivering students to the King St. campus, please contact Susan Petrelli; you may also reach her by telephone at 203.625.5844.

Given the limitations of campus parking, only seniors may drive to school.


If you're coming from...