Groups III-IV Testing

Many families in the Greenwich area apply to more than one local independent school. Because most of the schools in the area screen applicants using sections of the Educational Records Bureau, CTP 5, we have a common testing program which eliminates multiple testing for the applicant and provides families greater flexibility in scheduling. Schools in the program consider testing as only one aspect of the admission process. Consideration is also given to school records, school visits, and family interviews. Observation of younger children and other special evaluations may also be required depending upon the school and grade level. Regardless of the school serving as the test center, you may request your child’s test results to be sent to any independent school listed below.



Saturday, November 9
Saturday, December 14




Tests are offered on several Saturdays between November and January. Applicants are encouraged to take this required test early in the process to provide make-up time in the event of unanticipated illness or a weather cancellation. Please check each school’s application deadlines, allowing 15 days for ERB to send schools the test results.

Test Format

Applicants will be given sections of the Educational Records Bureau, CTP 5. These assessments include achievement tests in reading comprehension and mathematics. The tests are objective and multiple-choice in format. In addition, students will be assigned a writing sample on a given topic.

ERB Testing Sites

Brunswick School
Greenwich Academy
Greenwich Country Day School
Whitby School