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Adam Accetta

Mathematics, Economics (US)

Patrick Ashby

Science (US)

Connie Blunden

Director of the Center for Public Purpose, Global Online Academy Director, History (US)

Chris Bodnar

Mathematics (US)

Tancee Brodeur-Sassi

Spanish (US)

Jon Coffin

History (US)

Nicole Cozza

Mathematics Department Chair, Mathematics (US)

Ann Decker

Director of the Duff Center for STEM Initiatives

Jean Delcourt

French, Spanish (US), Director of International Studies

Eamon DePeter

Mathematics (US)

Patrick Dwyer

Director of College Counseling

Kristen Erickson

Director of Special Projects in Arts and Humanities, Director of Rowing,History (US)

Betsy Feiner

Associate Director of US Admission, English (US)

Gloria Fernández-Tearte

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Consultant

Edwina Foster

Director of Teaching Fellow Program English (US)

Kristin Gannon

Science (US)

Aisha Gawad

English (US), DEI Director

Andrew Ghobrial

Assistant Director of Technology

Victoria Harper

Group X Dean, French, Spanish (US)

Sylvia Kranz

French, Italian (US)