Upper School

Academics is at the heart of the Greenwich Academy experience, and in the Upper School we strive to balance tradition with a spirit of experimentation.

High School students take physics and read Shakespeare, but many also join a STEM Research Group, take one of our Expedition Courses, or step to the microphone to give a Senior Voice.
Our starting point couldn’t be more promising: the GA student, someone who brings intelligence, kindness, and 100% commitment to whatever she takes on. And behind each student is an array of teachers who seek to listen to each girl and bring out her truest self.
In high school, we glimpse the adults we might become, but it’s still an early draft. It’s our hope that our students feel inspired by the many great teachers at GA (and our brother school, Brunswick), discover deeper gears of effort, and experience those essential moments of courage that matter so much at this age—whether it’s eating lunch at an unfamiliar table or running for student government (which a great number do).

Greenwich Academy is committed to setting a foundation for girls’ success with STEM programs, a wide variety of extracurricular activities, varsity sports, and more. Our Coordinate Program with neighboring all-boys Brunswick School offers access to even more resources while maintaining the benefits of a private girls’ high school experience. 

Our goal is to help the girls see education as a life’s work. A way of living with confidence and curiosity. 

High School Program Overview


For nearly 50 years, GA and the neighboring all-boys Brunswick School have joined forces in the Upper School to combine resources to the immense benefit of both student bodies. Coordination means a single course catalog with more than 200 courses—83 of them Honors and Advanced Placement. It means four theater productions every year, two musicals and two plays. It means clubs, teams, and proms. United by a footpath and a commitment to providing students with every opportunity, GA and Brunswick have created in Coordination a program that combines both schools’ strengths, while preserving each’s distinct, esteemed philosophy and culture.

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Tom Sullivan
Head of Upper School

Signature Programs

In addition to unparalleled core academics, GA offers a slate of signature programs in STEM, the arts, global learning, communications, civic leadership, and other spheres. 

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College Counseling

Student-centered and supportive, GA’s college counseling program is a team effort. Starting families with the engagement and expertise that culminate in a rewarding experience. 

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Clubs & Affinity Spaces

Student interest and enthusiasm drives extracurriculars across all three divisions, and by Upper School students can pick from more than 70 clubs and organizations—or start one of their own.

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