Expedition Courses

Greenwich Academy’s expedition courses combine a general course of study with a significant immersion experience, either as an excursion in March or June or as several smaller trips throughout the year. By linking these expeditions with the traditional classroom experience, students have an immediate opportunity to apply the knowledge they have learned and the skills they have developed.

Honors Expedition Biology

Students venture to various global field research locations—past travels have included Peru and Croatia—to conduct authentic research in the study of conservation biology and participate in data collection for professional scientists and educators. For nearly two weeks, students become scientists who are actively engaged in “doing” science.

Civil Rights Expedition

Students in US History: Civil Rights travel to key historical sites in the Civil Rights Movement and meet with leaders of the movement, chronicling their experiences with the historian’s skills they have honed throughout the year. Key destinations include the Edmund Pettis Bridge, Kelly Ingraham Park, the Lorraine Motel, and the Civil Rights Museum.

New York State of Mind

Students in English XII: New York State of Mind explore not just the New York City represented over two hundred years of literature, but the living, breathing New York of today, journeying on several group and independent expeditions to various parts of the city, including the September 11 Memorial and the Lower East Side Tenement Museum.