Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

GA has both a faculty/staff DEI team and an Upper School elected student DEI board. Both of these groups work to engage the community in meaningful dialogue around social justice and equity.


To respect and celebrate both individual differences (personality, interests and skills, life experiences, etc.) and group differences (race, ethnicity, class, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, nationality, religion, ability, etc.)


To provide access to resources and opportunities so that everyone in the community has what they need to be successful and healthy


To continuously strive to welcome and integrate new voices and experiences into our community

DEI Programming

Monthly Round Table Lunches: Once a month, all students in groups IX-XII are invited to a lunch and discussion facilitated by student leaders. Past topics include: Stereotypes; Beauty Standards; Mental Health; Identity.

Workshops and Conferences: Students are offered opportunities to attend both local and national conferences and workshops that provide them with leadership and social justice training. Examples include: both the national and Connecticut student diversity leadership conferences, the Latinx Youth Conference, and others. GA has also organized its own in-house workshops on topics such as facilitating difficult conversations.

Faculty/Staff Resources: Faculty/staff engage in discussions on topics such as socioeconomic diversity in the community, supporting marginalized students, and representation in our curriculum.