All-Girls Middle School

The middle school girls at Greenwich Academy love their teachers and treasure their relationships with their classmates. Our halls and classrooms are filled with spirited and joyful learners who are eager to come to school each day. 

With a focus on the school’s motto, Toward the Building of Character, our assemblies, all-Middle School meetings, and advisory program contribute to building our nurturing, close-knit community. Our students build confidence as they take academic risks and challenge themselves with the support and encouragement of their teachers and peers. 

GA middle school students thrive in our rigorous academic setting. From Group V through Group VIII, our girls build and sharpen their academic skills while discovering new interests and maintaining a deep love of learning. We have a rich language program with Spanish, French, and Mandarin, as well as a required Latin course. Emphasis is placed on building effective communication skills through our writing and public speaking curricula. Also, our girls excel in our math program which helps the girls build a strong foundation and deep understanding of all topics taught. Another highlight for the girls is their Current Events course, an opportunity for them analyze and discuss the news of the day while also connecting it to what they are learning in their other classes. Each girl benefits from our outstanding visual and performing arts program, and each Group VII and VIII girl participates in our interscholastic athletics program every season. We also have a robust Middle School clubs program in which students can discover or develop a new interest while simultaneously connecting with a teacher and classmates.

Greenwich Academy proudly offers the best possible private middle school experience with a wide variety of extracurricular clubs and sports, a lower student to teacher ratio, accessible financial aid, and a diverse community.

Ultimately, our goal is for each girl to leave Middle School having learned how to take risks, ask questions, and self advocate. 

Middle School Program Overview

Introducing our new Middle School addition!

Becky Walker
Head of Middle School

After School

In addition to teams and clubs that meet throughout the week, MS students can sign up for Homework Hall, a drop-in program that offers supervised study until 5:00 PM.

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