College Counseling

Greenwich Academy’s College Counseling Office offers a collaborative, student-centered approach to the search and application process. We encourage exploration, we engage introspection, and we are here to support students and parents through it all. 

We believe that the college search can be a rewarding journey of discovery and self-actualization. With a team of counselors, we are able to build relationships with each student, helping her craft a narrative of her high school experience that accounts for her passions, engagement, and work, both inside and outside the classroom. We are committed to helping every girl articulate her unique abilities, priorities, and career aspirations, preparing all students to thrive in any college setting.

Starting in Group IX we offer what-to-expect workshops for parents to debunk some of the persistent and anxiety-producing misconceptions about the college admission process. By junior year, we are meeting individually with each student and her parents to craft a plan that suits her individual journey. While it is our hope that each student stay firmly planted in her high school present, our program is a comprehensive one.