Welcome From Head of School


Developing confidence. Building character. Connecting to community. Achieving excellence. Generating leaders. That’s what we do every day at Greenwich Academy. 

It starts with relationships that inspire and motivate: teachers and students, older girls and younger, peer to peer. It’s a sisterhood that embraces and reinforces the values and ideals that have defined Greenwich Academy for close to 200 years. It’s an outstanding academic program within a character-based education and it spans the entire trajectory of the GA experience. 

  • Lower School teachers tap into the natural curiosity, creativity, and wonder of our youngest GA girls. In an environment that seamlessly integrates classroom and outdoor spaces for learning and recreation, Lower Schoolers cultivate a capacity to learn from all of the resources on our campus. 
  • Middle School girls need to see their full potential as intelligent, engaged citizens and confident leaders. The academic rigor and highest character expectations of GA’s Middle School create the ideal environment for positive identity development and genuine self-confidence.
  • Upper Schoolers thoughtfully generate a path of academic and extracurricular interests working closely with faculty mentors. Whether through experiential classes that take advantage of local and global experiences, or GA’s signature Career Resource Center which provides shadowing and internship opportunities, Greenwich Academy students develop their voices and a sense of purpose.
  • Our far-reaching and united alumnae community forms a life-long bond. Staying connected socially, supporting each other professionally, our active and welcoming Alumnae Association ensures GA girls are always there for each other.

Our motto, Toward the Building of Character, pushes all of us to be the best version of ourselves as we learn and grow together as a community. If you and your family are motivated by the same purpose, join us and start forging your own path at Greenwich Academy. 



“We’re at our best when we are focused on the mission of the school that binds us all—a celebration of sisterhood, friendship, community, and the collective pursuit of excellence in the context of a character-based education.”

Molly King
Head of School



GA’s Mission

Greenwich Academy’s objective is to develop girls and young women of exceptional character and achievement who demonstrate independence, resilience, courage, integrity, and compassion.

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