Key Facts

Greenwich Academy is a college-preparatory day school serving girls in grades Pre-Connecting through Group XII. The Upper School has a fully coordinated program with Brunswick School, a neighboring boys’ school.

Enrollment for the 2013-2014 school year is 802 students:
  • 326 in Upper School
  • 255 in Middle School
  • 221 in Lower School
Geographic Distribution
Greenwich residents make up 67 percent of the student population; 23 percent are from other Connecticut communities and 10 percent are from New York.

Financial Aid
Twenty two percent of the student body is receiving financial aid.


The Greenwich Academy faculty consists of 143 members, 72% of whom have advanced degrees in their fields. Faculty members serve as academic advisors, coaches and club sponsors.

Greenwich Academy is located on a 39-acre campus in central Greenwich, approximately 25 miles from New York City and 47 miles from New Haven. Campus facilities include Ruth West Campbell Hall, buildings for the Lower, Middle and Upper Schools, three athletic fields, six tennis courts, Ramsing Gymnasium and the Pethick Dance Studio. The Raether Athletic Center has five international squash courts, an additional double-court gymnasium and a fitness center. The Wallace Performing Arts Center includes the 400-seat Massey Theater, Luchsinger Gallery, choral rehearsal rooms and visual arts display spaces. The Patsy G. Howard Upper School includes 20 classrooms, 5 science laboratories, a student center, a 20,000-volume library with space and technology to serve both the Upper and Middle Schools and various support spaces, conference rooms and offices. The Ridgeview Avenue Campus accommodates the Pre-Connecting and Connecting Classes as a premier early childhood educational environment.
Advanced Courses
Course titles indicate placement in Honors or Advanced Placement (AP). 

Honors and AP courses may be taken only with departmental approval. Through its coordinated program with the Brunswick School, Greenwich Academy currently offers 28 Advanced Placement courses. All students enrolled in an AP course sit for the AP exam. Although not designated as Honors courses, “A” or “Acc” (Accelerated) sections in language and mathematics are for students who are preparing to take AP level courses.

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Standardized Tests
SAT-Reasoning Scores - Class of 2013
Middle 50 Percentile Scores                                 
Critical Reading  630-740
Math    630-720
Writing   640-750

National Merit Program
Class of 2013  2 Semifinalists 22 Commended Scholars
Class of 2012 12 Finalists 19 Commended Scholars
Class of 2011 4 Finalists 14 Commended Scholars
Class of 2010 4 Finalists 14 Commended Scholars
Class of 2009 3 Finalists 19 Commended Scholars

Audited Financial Statement
Greenwich Academy's Audited financial statements for June 30, 2013 are complete. A copy of the audit is available for review by contacting Donna Matheson at 203.552.4408.