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Goal 4: Coordination

A signature aspect of Greenwich Academy’s program is the Coordinate Program with Brunswick School in the Upper School, providing students a coeducational experience that promotes the strengths of each school while preserving the advantages of a single-sex institution. Five years ago, the two schools adopted identical language surrounding their goals for Coordination for the first time. These past five years have witnessed tremendous growth and progress in this signature relationship, and once again, the following is reflected in the new Strategic Plans of Greenwich Academy and Brunswick.

Vision for the Coordinate Program with Brunswick School
Built on a strong foundation of shared values and educational vision, the Coordinate Program between Greenwich Academy and Brunswick School at the Upper School level provides the “best of both worlds” for their respective students—that is, a strong single-sex identity and culture with the opportunity for coeducational academic, social and extracurricular activities. This defining characteristic enables both institutions to deliver a challenging and comprehensive education that sets a national standard for education in general and coordinate programs in particular.


  • Coordination allows both schools to offer a richer array of courses and extracurricular activities and greater diversity within the student and  faculty bodies than either school could achieve on its own.
  • Coordination is unique in the Fairchester area and, therefore, a defining element for both Brunswick School and Greenwich Academy in the marketplace. Its appeal to a broad spectrum of students enhances the selectivity of both schools.
  • Coordination has tangible economic benefits and tremendous potential in terms of shared facilities, functions and personnel.

Key Elements:

  • Reinforce the long-term strategic commitment of both schools to Coordination by ensuring that each school’s Board of Trustees includes a significant proportion of members who have children at both Brunswick and Greenwich Academy. Provide for consultation between the two  schools on all major policy initiatives or decisions and formalize the terms of the coordinate relationship whenever possible. Hold annual joint Board meetings and invite the Heads of School and Board Chairs to attend/participate in key events such as the Annual Dinner. Maintain a constant and consistent liaison between the Heads of School, Board Chairs and key trustees to review coordinate issues.
  • Pursue seamless coordination in the classroom and among faculty and administrators as well as other areas of Upper School student life while maintaining each school’s single-sex identity. In particular, strive for classes in coordinate courses to be balanced according to gender;  encourage teachers from each school to teach periodically one of their sections on the alternate campus; ensure that administration, teachers and students on both campuses care for and value students and peers of both institutions to an equal degree; uphold behavioral expectations in a consistent manner on both campuses; and consider which extracurricular activities can be enhanced and complement one another through coordination in order to extend the depth and breadth of the students’ experience.
  • Enhance the academic experience and optimize the academic opportunities offered by the Coordinate Program by providing the broadest and highest quality curriculum that the joint resources of both schools reasonably can afford and having the administrative and academic leadership of both schools jointly reevaluate, on an annual basis, their programs and teachers. Include both schools’ academic and administrative leadership in the hiring of new Upper School faculty.
  • Monitor progress and identify areas for further improvement in the Coordinate Program. Administer periodic student, parent and faculty
    surveys; analyze statistical data concerning student course enrollment choices, grade distributions; and facilitate stronger and more consistent communication among the faculties, academic leadership and administration of both schools on all topics relating to coordination.
  • Strengthen the sense of community and “family school” experience provided by both schools by recognizing the presence of siblings in the alternate school as a favorable factor in the evaluation of admission applications and by offering appropriate mutual support of each school’s separate college placement efforts.
  • Jointly identify opportunities for cost-effective sharing of existing facilities and co-management of other resources.
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